OVER THE WALL is a twice-annual newsletter about strikes, actions and struggles going on inside or around Ontario prisons. The purpose of this newsletter is to share information about prison issues and prison-related actions with supporters and potential supporters on the outside.

If you have a story or article that you’d like us to include, or if you’d like to receive the newsletter by mail, email us at epic [at] riseup [dot] net, or write to EPIC, 427 Princess St, Suite 409, Kingston ON K7L 5S9.

People on the outside who sign up to receive the newsletter by mail will also receive a small package of EPIC’s most recent zines and publications.


Issue 4 – Winter 2015/2016

Download Newsletter (PDF – 2mb)
Full Article: Authoritarianism, Autonomy and an Art Show by Jarrod Shook

Issue 3 – Spring 2015

Download Newsletter (PDF – 3.3mb)

Issue 2 – Fall 2014

Download Newsletter (PDF – 2.8mb)
Full Article: Address To Market Square by Frontenac Inmate Committee
Full Article: A Story For Prisoners Justice Day
Audio: Prisoners Justice Day History by John Schaefler

Audio: Address To Market Square by Frontenac Inmate Committee
Audio: PJD Poem by Jarrod Shook

Issue 1 – Spring 2014

Download Newsletter (PDF – 2.9mb)
Full Article: Resistance to Prison Pay Cuts by Jarrod Shook
Full Article: Letter to Warden by Concerned Citizen at Collins Bay


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