Banner Dropped in Solidarity with Prisoner Strikes

EPIC received the following email (with photo attached) the morning of July 4th:

On the morning of Monday, July 4th, we dropped a banner off a building overlooking City Hall in downtown Kingston, Ontario that read “Collins Bay to Pelican Bay ~ Solidarity with Prisoners on Strike ~ Against Prisons.”

We are inspired by prisoners at Collins Bay Federal Penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario who began a work strike on June 28th demanding an end to overcrowding at the prison, and are protesting worsening conditions. The federal prison restructuring and increasing criminalization has caused double bunking at many prisons and is intensifying tensions inside and outside prisons. check out:

We are also inspired by prisoners in the Security Housing Unit in Pelican Bay, California who began a hunger strike on July 1st to contest their conditions of confinement and torture. check out:

We express solidarity with prisoners in struggle, recognizing prison as a clear target of our resistance to capitalism and State power.

– anarchists

"Collins Bay to Pelican Bay ~ Solidarity with Prisoners on Strike ~ â’¶gainst Prisons"

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