EPIC Newsletter: Call For Submissions

Hello friends and supporters! EPIC is starting a newsletter about ongoing struggles inside and outside Ontario prisons. We are looking for submissions for our first issue! If you have news or info about actions/struggles on the outside, we’d love it if you sent us brief updates. We are also looking for submissions from people on the inside, so if you have contacts in Ontario prisons please forward this call for submissions:

We’re starting a newsletter with news and updates about ongoing struggles inside and outside Ontario prisons! This newsletter is free and available to anyone who would like to subscribe, and will be mailed out twice yearly.

We are currently looking for brief submissions for our first issue. Please send us your news updates, stories, ideas, or analysis of ongoing struggles in Ontario prisons, and spread the word to other people who might be interested.

Submissions received by March 1st will be included in the first issue (but it’s an ongoing project, so send us news and information whenever you like).

Send your submissions to:

427 Princess St, Suite 409
Kingston, ON K7L 5S9

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