Kingston May Day 2018!

Tuesday May 1st 2018
5pm: BBQ at Skeleton Park
6pm: March!
maydaykingston [at] riseup [dot] net

Since the Haymarket affair in 1886, May 1st has been marked around the world as International Workers Day or May Day. In Kingston, anti-capitalists have been gathering on May Day to share food, hear rousing speeches and hit the streets on May Day since 2011. We’re proud to be a part of this tradition, but also want to make sure we continue to be creative, dynamic and responsive to the current conditions. May Day is an opportunity to gauge and build our capacity, connect our struggles, and have fun together.

There’s no shortage of reasons to hit the streets with enthusiasm this year. Greedy employers respond to a modest minimum wage increase with petty rollbacks. Students around the world mark 50 years since the revolts of May 68. Tenants in Kingston organize to fight back against their landlords. Gentrification continues to displace poor folks and devastate the waterfront. A lawsuit by federal prisoners challenging 30% cuts to already pathetic prison wages is thrown out by a Federal Court, paving the way for unrest. Justin Trudeau proves that he cares more about big business than indigenous consent or the planet, as his government attempts to force the construction of the TransMountain pipeline despite massive opposition. The far right rears its ugly head and gains momentum for its racist agenda, energized by the US election. But as Confederate statues start toppling down south, efforts grow to attack the legacy of the genocidal founding fathers of the Canadian state.

Politicians only offer us empty promises and thinly veiled threats. As the circus that is the Ontario election approaches, we call for people to stay focused on building grassroots and dynamic movements that can effect real change. The system is rigged: every vote is a vote for capitalism.

If this sounds up your alley, or you’re curious to hear more, join us for the May Day BBQ and March on May 1st starting at 5pm in Skeleton Park.

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