December 13th: Prison TV

PRISON TV: Public Screening and Discussion
with Richard Atkinson, Brian Judge and Jim Cavanagh

December 13, 2012 at 7:00pm
AKA, 75 Queen Street, Kingston (Wheelchair accessible)
Snacks and refreshments provided
Childcare available upon request

On December 13, EPIC is pleased to welcome Richard Atkinson, Brian Judge, and Jim Cavanagh to the AKA Autonomous Social Centre at 75 Queen Street. We will be screening the short documentary The Meanest Guy in Prison and various clips from Prison TV, followed by a facilitated discussion and Q+A.

Prison TV (a.k.a. Contact)was a local television talk show created by Richard Atkinson (former leader of the ‘Dirty Tricks Gang’) and Brian Judge, produced by prisoners incarcerated in the Kingston area and aired in the 1990s. Hosts interviewed other prisoners, guards and administration about prison issues and took phone calls from the public live on air. Prison TV didn’t shy away from controversy and was eventually ended by the Correctional Service of Canada.

The Meanest Guy in Prison is a documentary produced by the creators of Prison TV, Brian Judge and Richard Atkinson. It is about Jim Cavanagh, a former prisoner who was once described as “the meanest guy in prison.” The film looks at his life including his childhood, incarceration in federal prison at age 15, his twenty years in the federal prison system and conversion to Christianity. Jim now works as a regional director for Prison Fellowship Canada and in 2012 published an autobiography called Captured: To Run No More.

All welcome. For access requests or more information, you can contact or visit:

Prison TV archive and blog –
The Meanest Guy in Prison Trailer:
Captured: To Run No More –
End the Prison Industrial Complex –

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