Response to Whig Article

Update (February 10, 2012): Both the Kingston Whig-Standard and CKWS Newswatch have issued clarifications that confirm the EPIC statement below.

Regarding the Whig Article “Architect says firm targeted by vandals
Published Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We, End The Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC), would like to correct misinformation published in Tuesday’s Whig. EPIC is an activist organization that does research, educational campaigns, and demonstrations against prisons in Kingston. We have never claimed responsibility for any acts of vandalism, online or anywhere else. Further, EPIC, Occupy Kingston, and the Save Our Prison Farms Campaign are separate organizations. EPIC is not a branch of Occupy, and in fact none of these groups are affiliated with each other or with the vandalism at the downtown NORR architects’ offices, as the Whig article states.

End the Prison Industrial Complex
Kingston, Ontario


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