May 1st: May Day in Kingston!

Anti-capitalist March and Barbecue to Celebrate May Day

May 1st, 2013
1pm – MARCH

On May 1st, 1886, 40 000 workers in Chicago–and half a million across the United States- participated in a three-day general strike demanding an eight-hour work day. A week-long struggle resulted between protesters and police, and ultimately eight protesters were arrested, convicted without evidence, and executed. Their executions are widely regarded as some of the most overt political assassinations of radicals in North America, and May 1st has since been marked as International Workers Day in their honour. Since 2006, May Day has also been a day to protest racist immigration policies in Canada and the United States and demand status for all. Strikes, pickets and protests take place around the world on May 1st to honour and celebrate the struggles of workers, immigrants, and poor people all over.

This May Day in Kingston, join us for a community barbecue followed by a march. Come by Skeleton Park on Wednesday, May 1st after 12pm for food, we will start marching at 1pm.

Let’s raise our voices against attacks on the poor in the name of “austerity,” against capitalist exploitation, against racism, colonialism, and domination in all forms. Let’s celebrate the long history of our resistance to the forces that want to keep us down.

Contact Kingston’s ad-hoc May Day collective at maydaykingston [at]

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