November 2nd: March Against Prison Construction


WHERE: Occupy Kingston, Confederation Park (map)

WHEN: Wednesday, Nov 2nd, gather at 2:30 for a 3:00 march

WHAT: The Correctional Service of Canada is spending $1.7 billion dollars of our money to build new prisons across Canada to accommodate the anticipated boom in prisoner population that will inevitably result from the Conservative government’s massive crime bill. Despite the fact that even Republicans in Texas and California have acknowledged imprisoning people and building new prisons does not reduce crime, but does bankrupt the State, the Conservatives continue to pursue their agenda of imprisoning the poor at any cost.

HOW: The decision to build more prisons, despite dropping crime rates, is made by real people and implemented by real companies. The public should know who these people and companies are, and make them accountable. Bring banners and noise makers for a march against prison construction!

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