Open Letter to NORR Limited

Below is the text from an open letter posted today on the front door of NORR Limited, an architectural firm designing and profiting from new prisons in Kingston and Windsor, during our march against prison construction.

To the architects and owners of NORR,
Including Jonathan Hughes, David Ariss, and David Jefferies.

The majority of Kingstonians have clearly rejected the Conservative government’s so-called “Law and Order” agenda of prison construction. This agenda means the criminalization of communities of colour, immigrants, queer folks, drug users, and poor people. At the same time, public monies will be funneled into the private hands of the prison industrial complex.

The Conservative government is carrying out major construction of prisons even as crime rates continue to fall. They are taking money that should be available to address social problems, and instead making those very problems worse. Many of those affected will be here in Kingston, especially prisoners after they are released.

Last year thousands of people participated in a campaign to keep the prison farms open and to stall the Conservative agenda, and they are still paying attention. The building you’ve designed is the leading edge of new prison construction on that site, and people aren’t going to let this criminal agenda proceed without a fight.

We call on you to show the people of Kingston where you stand. We call on you to issue a public statement declaring that you will not take on any more prison construction work.

On the other hand, if you prefer to make profit even when it harms your community, then we will make sure the people of Kingston know it.

And we will be back.

End the Prison Industrial Complex!



NORR manager David Jefferies (left) and another NORR designer (right) emerged from the office and tried to explain to the crowd that they bear no responsibility for prison construction. We reject their rationalization and demand that NORR publicly announce that the company will not bid on future prison construction contracts. Photo credit: @OccupyYGK

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